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Emporium Bellingen

Ann Rosewood and her staff Cass & Andy have used Mobile Management’s services for over 10 years


What software did/do we help you with?
Initially Myob Retail Manager and 15 months ago we moved to Cloud software with Vend for retail sales and stock management integrated to Xero for accounts and payroll.

What area of your business have we helped / streamlined the most?
We were still using paper day sheets when Mobile Management assisted us with Retail manager set up and training in 2006 which her team supported us in over the years until we moved to Vend/Xero 15 months ago

What can you say to recommend us to other customers?
Cass – Beth has a wealth of experience with a very practical can do attitude. If she does not have an immediate answer which is rare, she will find one and get back to us ASAP.

Andy – Beth is wonderful to work with and has made sure all our staff are extensively informed with the system, enabling us to work autonomously and with ease.

Tell us what you were looking to resolve when you contacted Mobile Management, resulting in the move to Vend/Xero
We were having corruptions in our Retail Manager files on a regular basis and the software was at end of life with the Myob decision not to do any more upgrades or releases so we needed to move to a more modern software and be able to track stock, improve reporting and analyse brands. Beth recommended Vend and Xero.

Tell us a bit about your business and what you do/sell?
Emporium Bellingen is a department store in an iconic building. We sell mens and womens wear, shoes, leather goods,lingerie, homewares and personal care.

What system did we implement and what results did you get?
Vend has improved and streamlined many aspects of our business giving us much tighter inventory control and better reporting and can be accessed online from anywhere.

When do you contact us now?
When we have a question or want to learn something new