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Ponds Cafe

Jerry Schefe from Ponds Cafe is a business owner who runs are a small cafe and function center within a large caravan park for up to 4000 pax. With a mobile food van as well as the kiosk for the park and the 300 permanent residents. Suffice to say it keeps him busy! He turned to Mobile Management to set up Kounta and Deputy.

How long have you used our company’s services?

1 – 2 years

What area of your business have we helped / streamlined the most?

All areas as the front of house back of house office and accounting sections all linked with room to grow and add if necessary

What can you say to recommend us to other customers?

We have been dealing with Beth and from the beginning. She has been proactive in finding what we need in point of sale hardware and software to suit our business.  We now have streamlined our business POS and staff management without great cost and maximum efficiency. Mobile Management gave us the power to us to manage our POS systems but is always on hand onsite or remote whenever needed.

The way Beth coordinated the linking and integrating other POS hardware & software systems and solving any isues with great haste was always appreciated and with great patience as we had to learn and adapt to the technology in leaps and bounds.

Tell us what you were looking to resolve when you contacted Mobile Management?

We had an old POS system that needed replacement due to end of life software. We needed an up to date simple highly mobile point of sale software system. That we could manage with a multifaceted site that is very seasonal and also a mobile element of our business. It’s precise and accurate printer docket system linking FOH and BOH economics and the ability to grow and adapt with the business a consideration at all times. Our bookkeepers OAS Coffs Harbour recommended Mobile Management to us as they knew that they would offer a solution to work with Myob accounting software.

What software & hardware POS solutions did we implement and what results did you get?

The Kounta and Deputy POS software.

When do you contact us now?

At the start it was when we need to buy new point of sale hardware or consumables. Therefore we had a question or wanted to learn something new. Now, it’s only to refer a client or associate because we don’t need anymore help you have trained us well!